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Cognitive Processing Therapy

For trauma survivors who are ready to go from overwhelmed and stuck to balanced and resolved.

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The incomprehensible nature of trauma can shatter one's core belief system, which may lead you to blame yourself for the trauma and believe that the world is a dangerous place, and people are malicious and uncaring.

These negative beliefs can impact the way you feel and how you relate to others: may feel tremendous guilt and shame, and extremely self-critical as you try to make sense of the trauma, and try to understand the causes for why and how it happened. may waver between being chronically anxious and emotionally numb as you try to stuff away distressing emotions that control your life. may be suspicious of others, and overly guarded and apprehensive in relationships, but deeply desire interpersonal connection and fear being alone. 

Cognitive Processing Therapy is a 12-session evidence-supported and skills-focused treatment for survivors of trauma to…

  • Overcome mental road blocks that will help you reduce avoidance of trauma reminders and triggers so that you can approach life with confidence.

  • Gain practical tools to manage distressing and overwhelming emotions associated with trauma so that you can feel secure in your everyday life.

  • Develop healthy relationship patterns with yourself and others so that you can seek support and feel safe again.

Go from unsafe and avoidant to secure and confident today!


I'm christine

I help women with histories of trauma resolve trauma-related dynamics that keep them stuck in overwhelming emotions to live a life guided by their values and not their past.

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The investment is $225 per session. A portion of the cost may be reimbursable by insurance. Health Savings Accounts/Flexible Spending Accounts are accepted.

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