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You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty. 

-Mahatma Gandhi

Groups consist of three or more members and one to two facilitators for beginning and end Stages of Trauma Recovery. Group therapy is sometimes used alone, but we recommend integrating one or more groups into a comprehensive treatment plan that also includes individual therapy to facilitate working through the stages of trauma recovery. Groups further support skill building and interpersonal processing in the context of supportive and relatable others in a way that individual therapy may not. Groups:

  • Provide support

  • Identify a variety of solutions to challenging situations

  • Offer strategies that have worked for others under similar circumstances

  • Hold you accountable to positive life changes

  • Help put self-relevant difficulties into perspective

  • Increase recognition of shared humanity

  • Decrease a sense of loneliness and isolation



Groups for Regaining Safety

Meditation Class

Trauma Information Group (TIG)

TIG is a 10-week supportive group treatment approach for survivors of interpersonal and complex trauma who are just beginning to come to terms with the impact of interpersonal trauma on their lives. It provides psychoeducation and coping skills focused on safety and self-care.  

  • Currently full. Fall 2023 date to be determined

Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness 

TS Mindfulness builds capacity to contact difficult, uncomfortable, and potentially overwhelming internal experiences in a way that enhances security and stability and reduces the potential for retraumatization. 

  • Currently full. Fall 2023 dates to be determined


Groups for Empowerment & Self-Determined Living

Group of Friends

Lessons 'n' Love Workshop

This workshop blends interdisciplinary work on the art and science of love by examining love and intimacy from psychology, feminism, philosophy, and human development. Learn evidence-informed practices to cultivate healthy development and love, including how to: identify feelings, communicate respectfully, set boundaries, and foster self-love. 

  • Currently enrolling for summer

Post-traumatic Growth Retreat

This weekend retreat is an intensive group experience involving an intentional attempt to understand and assign meaning to adversity, transforming negative effects into positive meanings and change. Posttraumatic growth is facilitated to promote improved adjustment in a newly defined and valued life while building strength, empowerment and resiliency for the future.

  • Currently enrolling for summer

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